Elishia Basner

The Feelings Lady

Connecting adults to the information they need to help children thrive.

About me

Hi! I’m Elishia Basner, MS, a school counselor, writer, speaker, and parenting coach. I have taught people of all ages and backgrounds the principles and practices of emotional healing for 13+ years.

I have done everything from in-home counseling with children at risk of removal from social services, managed a 24/7 women’s crisis center, taught psychology to undergraduates, and worked as a school counselor with every grade level from pre-k through college.

I help people develop attitudes, behaviors, and habits that promote a life full of growth and self-discovery.

Join a parenting workshop


Parenting Coaching

If you have a challenge related to a child with tantrums, screen use, attention, anxiety, college preparedness, or any other specific problems related to parenting, I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Education Workshops

Education workshops for adults who want to stop yelling, threatening, and bribing children into compliance. Learn new skills to make your life 1,000 times easier!

Event Speaking

Event speaking for parents, educators, school counselors, and children covering a range of topics from taming big feelings, to developing a trauma-informed school, to de-escalation strategies.


In Grown, you’ll explore such profound questions as: Can you learn to control your emotions? What makes a good friendship? What do you do if you feel unsafe? What do you do when you worry too much? What happens if you fail?

Told in language we all can understand, Grown will reshape how you think about success and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your life. 

Unstuck, is the go-to journal for grownups. Are you stuck? Feeling hopeless, frustrated, and ready to move on to that next step in your life, but you have no idea what that next step is or where to begin. This journal will walk you through more than one hundred thought-provoking questions to help you sift through the noise to create an abundant and happy life.

With this 5-minute journal, you can finally learn how to get out of your own way and live the life of your dreams.