Are You Creating Crazy In Your Life?

Following a particularly tumultuous day, ask yourself, “What was my state?” Don’t be surprised if your emotional state was crazy and your day followed suit. We set the tone of our lives with the energy we bring to the table.

If your day is over scheduled and you don’t know when (or if) you’ll get your next bathroom break, pause and take five minutes to breathe, fine, take two minutes to breathe, but take the time. We take nearly 23,000 breaths each day without even noticing because they occur automatically. What would happen if we were deliberate with 100 of them for just five minutes? Would you be more relaxed and in control of your emotional response? Likely.

If you have an argument for why you don’t have the time, ask yourself why you’re fighting for your limitations? Set the tone and see, just see, if the world follows your lead.