Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Free Lesson Plans

I firmly believe in the notion of working smarter, not harder, which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across The NED Show a character education program that provides a number of FREE lesson plans that you can print right from your computer.  The list of lesson topics includes many of the same areas we cover as school counselors such as growth mindset, bullying prevention, encouragement, effort, spreading kindness, building relationships, and test prep.  

The NED Show pairs a book or video to a particular issue and then provides implementation instructions, thought-provoking questions, and accompanying worksheets.  While the lessons are not linked to our school counseling standards, I was able to make quick work in determining which standards are met by each lesson plan they provide.   

How you allocate your time is critical to your success.  We are constantly bombarded with distractions and this resource will allow you to spend more time working with your kids instead of scrambling to pull together a lesson plan at the last minute.  You don’t need to create something from scratch when you could tweak something that has already been developed and tested. Finding this resource has allowed me to be more creative with my lessons and add in fun little activities and demonstrations because the core components of the lesson have already been provided.