Finding Lesson Plans for School Counseling Is Easier Than You Think

Are you still trying to create your own lesson plans?  Stop!  You don’t have to recreate the wheel because it has already been done for you. There are so many resources available for school counselors to access canned lesson plans that are actually worthy of your time and attention.  I’ve compiled a list below to help get you started.

The NED Show

The NED Show has free K-6 lesson plans related to an array of topics that easily line up with our school counseling standards.  While they don’t charge for the lessons, the lessons do require books to be purchased to complete the majority of the lesson plans.  I have purchased several books at a steep discount from E-bay and

Teachers Pay Teachers

TPT is an incredible resource that allows school counselors and teachers alike to connect and share resources with one another directly.  There are tons of free resources along with payable options created by real counselors who have worked in the field and actually know what it is that you need because they often created it for themselves and their students before giving it or selling it to you. 

The Missouri Department of Education

The Missouri Department of Education has a plethora of lesson plans specifically developed for school counselors by the 2004 version of ASCA standards. There are a number of states who have a database of lessons, but this one is a regular go-to for me.

Teaching Tolerance

The website Teaching Tolerance has many well-developed free lesson plans for all age groups.  I was able to find a great lesson that helped students learn to participate in digital communities with a focus on acceptance and kindness.

Powerful You

Powerful You is a program that combines Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with yoga to increase focus, decrease stress, improve connectivity, and help students develop self-awareness.  There are lessons for Grades K-1 and 2-5, and the cost of a single kit hovers just above $100.00. 

Sanford Harmony

Sanford Harmony is a free Social Emotional Learning program which is open for schools who are willing to sign an agreement to use the program actively (that means you can’t leave it on a shelf to collect dust).  Sanford Harmony’s program boasts a 13% increase in students’ academic performance once their plan is implemented.  Sanford provides teacher kits for each teacher who agrees to participate in the program and requires a 5-15 minute commitment each morning to “Meet Up, Buddy Up” along with a bi-weekly SEL lesson that takes about 40-50 minutes. 

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness is a free K-5 and 6-8 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program with many lesson plans provided for free with your membership.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles provides free life skills curriculum developed for elementary through high school aged students. The curriculum is free with registration and has numerous modules which can be taught from beginning to end or you can select to teach a specific singular lessons. The entire program is also available in Spanish, and the student activity sheets have been translated into 20 languages.

Counseling Tools

Counseling Tools provides lesson plans for Kindergarten through Adult with a subscription for an annual or monthly fee plan.  The search results for lesson plans are searchable by grade and ASCA Standards.   

I hope that this list helps you save a little time and will be able to find at least one resource that works for your school. Feel free to reach out and share additional resources!