Expert Advice: Teach Young Kids How to Read in 100 Days

Our children who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade are less likely to graduate from high school, which reduces their likelihood of attending post-secondary education, which reduces their earning potential over their lifetime. That’s a lot riding on one skill.


Teaching teens how to be a good friend, succeed academically, and regulate their emotions. Starting today, my book, Grown: 21 Short Lessons to Help Kids Thrive Socially & Academically for middle-grade students, will be FREE until Friday, May 22nd, 2020. Now is a great time to help kids learn self-care and coping skills, especially forContinue reading “FREE SEL BOOK FOR KIDS”

What’s Below the Anger? It’s Not What You Think: 10 Tips to a Calming a Tantrum

Most adults assume that what we see is what we get. I’ve had a number of conversations over the years with teachers (and parents) who were completely perplexed by a child that had “gone off” seemingly without provocation. These poor people were totally bewildered, “I told him to get his book out, and he startedContinue reading “What’s Below the Anger? It’s Not What You Think: 10 Tips to a Calming a Tantrum”

Doing This Helps Teens Feel Happier, Less Anxious, & More Productive

For all of my high school and college counselors out there, this could be an amazing project for your students to learn emotional introspection (remotely.) Self-Authoring is an online program that allows students to learn writing skills, develop goal setting, and enhance their self-reflection skills by writing prompts regarding their past, present, and future. WritingContinue reading “Doing This Helps Teens Feel Happier, Less Anxious, & More Productive”

The Best Way to Teach Career Programming for Elementary School

My lesson plan for February focused on career exploration for elementary students. I would imagine that to most laypeople, a lesson on “careers” in elementary school might seem a bit overzealous. However, career education is part of our counseling standards. My goal in teaching elementary-aged students about careers is to help them determine their currentContinue reading “The Best Way to Teach Career Programming for Elementary School”


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