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An amazing resource for beginning counselors to hone their skills, learn reflective listening, see real world examples of counseling in a school setting, and the intricacies of motivational interviewing.

Learning social skills is one of the most valuable skills children need to develop and maintain friendships.

This workbook allows students the opportunity to gradually work through their anxiety by drawing or writing to their “worry” as if it were a person.

Inexpensive and a perfect fidget for children. It meets both of my requirements for a classroom fidget: quiet and can be used with one hand.

The best notebook EVER for tracking your days. The absolute perfect companion for those who are on the move!

One of the most important books written on trauma in our lifetime. This book is a must-read for individuals who work with traumatized individuals.

If you are searching for a book to help kids learn how to cope with worry, this is what you’ve been seeking. It’s a fast read in under 6 minutes and full of coping strategies.

Parts Work is an incredible resource for those wanting to use the framework of the Internal Family Systems model. It’s made for anyone who has ever said, “Well, there’s this part of me that…”

What do you do with a problem? explores the emotions around a problem, our desire to hide from it, and eventually, how to overcome. It’s beautifully written; the entire series of “What To Do” books are magnificent.

“The Boy, the Mole, The Fox and the Horse” is one of my favorite books to gift! I adore the kindness and love packed into this short book. It’s not necessarily a classroom read, but a treasure for bedtime stories.

Riley the Brave was a gift and one that I have recommended and gifted so many times. Riley helps kids understand big emotions such as fear, shame, and sadness.