New School Counselor Must-Haves

Congrats on your new gig! If you’re just getting started, this will give you the basics of what you’ll need to get started. I went through my own Amazon list to share my favorites. (Update! Our accountant told me that I had money that I had to spend or I would lose it. (What a problem toContinue reading “New School Counselor Must-Haves”

25 Ways to Help Your Students Become More Confident

The Polk Mentoring Alliance has created an exceptional list of 25 confidence-building activities. Many of these activities can be done individually or in small or large group formats. Most of the ideas are low to no cost and often don’t require many supplies. I have outlined 7 of my favorites below. Positively imagining the futureContinue reading “25 Ways to Help Your Students Become More Confident”

Curriculum Plan for First Year Elementary School Counselors

A lot of things are indeed slower down South, but when it comes to school counseling, we’re making huge strides.  This past year, my district developed “action committees” in which veteran counselors were asked to create curriculum maps that included all of the Tennessee State Standards. That means that each student would be taught eachContinue reading “Curriculum Plan for First Year Elementary School Counselors”

What Should You Share with Your School Counseling Advisory Committee?

It’s finally here, the end of the school year and the final advisory committee meeting.  Now is the time to reflect on the program and determine what is essential to continue for next year and what should be eliminated.  What worked and what didn’t?  An advisory committee will help make these determinations, but what exactlyContinue reading “What Should You Share with Your School Counseling Advisory Committee?”