Video Resources

Video is an excellent way to communicate with students. These are just a few of my favorite clips! Teach your students about mindfulness, naming emotions, failure, persistence, social skills, and body safety.


Taming Your Emotions

Groth Mindset

Teaching Practice & Failure
Teaching Persistence & Perseverance

Understanding Emotions

Naming Emotions
Controlling Emotions: Flipping Your Lid
Social Skills: Handling Transitions
Naming Emotions

Social Skills

Social Skills: Taking Turns Speaking
Social Skills: Making Eye Contact
Social Skills: Listening With Your Body
Social Skills: Making Connected Comments
Social Skills: Compromising
Social Skills: Take a Break to Calm Down
Social Skills: Seeing Someone Else’s Side


Protect Yourself Rules: Tell
Protect Yourself Rules: Online
Protect Yourself Rules: K-3 All Videos
Protect Yourself Rules: 4-6 All Videos
Body Safety Rules
Consent & Body Autonomy

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